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Victorian solid walnut plant stand with cut-out stars and hexagonal design

Victorian Solid Walnut ...

Filigreed sterling silver Waterman's Ideal fountain pen with all original components, c. 1908

Sterling Filigreed Wate...

R. Lalique frosted enameled glass vase with hand-pained dahlias, c. 1920

Signed R. Lalique Frost...

Sterling silver Ronson Adonis pocket lighter in the original case

Sterling Ronson Adonis ...

Heubach bisque baseball player statue with blue and white striped shirt

Heubach Bisque Baseball...

Blue Auburn Rubber telephone truck toy with yellow tires, Made in U.S.A.

Auburn Rubber Telephone...

Hand-painted Nippon porcelain match holder with two compartments and floral design

Hand Painted Nippon Por...

Antique cast iron watch holder with squirrel on oak tree

Cast Iron Watch Holder ...

Marx Spic and Span wind-up toy with the original box, The Hams What Am

Marx Spic and Span &quo...

Dinky Toys Superior Criterion Ambulance number 63, mint in the original box

Dinky Toys Superior Cri...

Art Deco hanging pendant lamp with white shade and reflective glass bottom

Art Deco Pendant Light ...

Flow Blue porcelain water pitcher with gold details and floral design

Flow Blue Porcelain Wat...

Antique Dunhill tinder pistol gun lighter with wooden handle

Dunhill Tinder Pistol L...

German bisque nodder from Mr. Bailey comic, depicting Smitty the Boss

German Bisque Mr. Baile...

Hand-painted Nippon Moriage porcelain chocolate pot with floral design and handle

Hand Painted Nippon Mor...

Antique obverse-painted hanging chandelier with hand-painted country scene

Obverse-Painted Chandel...

General store glass cigar humidor with brass lid and figural woman finial

General Store Cigar Hum...

Tin Hot Rod Dog friction car toy with adjustable windshield, 1950's

Hot Rod Dog Tin Frictio...

Finely detailed antique sterling silver serving spork, circa 1870

Sterling Serving Knife ...

Victorian pull-down piano lamp with caramel slag shade and iron base

Ornate Victorian Piano ...

Magic Mystery Puzzle toy store display black memorabilia

Magic Mystery Puzzle To...

Art Deco serving tray with cut glass stars and chrome handles

Art Deco Chrome Serving...

Antique German tin bump-and-go car wind-up toy

German Tin Bump-and-Go ...

Large blue and white Jasperware centerpiece planter with depiction of woman and child chasing butterflies

Large Jasperware Center...

Tin Coca Cola advertising thermometer from the 1930's

Coca Cola Tin Advertisi...

Brown glazed ceramic pottery head bank with smiling man in hat

Ceramic Man's Head Pott...

Antique glass paperweight with boxer and confetti design

Confetti Glass Paper We...

Vintage Lorillard's Redicut Tobacco advertising tin

Lorillard's Readicut To...

Patriotic tin and celluloid bird drummer wind-up toy, pre-war

Bird Drummer Wind-up To...

Sterling silver souvenir spoon from Montreux, Switzerland with boot handle

Sterling Souvenir Spoon...

Van Briggle pottery bowl and frog in matte blue, 1940

Van Briggle Pottery Bow...

Ronson Grecian bookends with Dutch boy and girl kneeling at a fence, 1920's

Ronson Bookends with Du...

Moriage Nippon porcelain porcelain water pitcher with hand-painted floral decoration

Enameled Moriage Nippon...

Tin Chein drum major marching band wind-up toy

Tin Chein Drum Major Wi...

Antique oval dresser mirror with figural angels and Man of the North feet

Oval Dresser Mirror wit...

Hubley black memorabilia cotton picker match holder and ashtray

Hubley Black Cotton Pic...

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