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About Our Packing & Shipping


We offer Insta-Pro Shipping, which means every package we send is professionally wrapped and packaged within 24 hours of payment.

 We frequently receive compliments regarding how well the merchandise is packed and shipped. We believe these items deserve to be handled with care. We take great pride in this careful work!

 Incidentally, we don't profit from shipping costs. If for some reason we've grossly miscalculated our quote, the difference will be refunded.

We work with all major carriers, including FedEx, USPS, and UPS, to offer you the most affordable and safe delivery possible. Buy with confidence, knowing that you'll receive all fragile merchandise intact and ready to enjoy.





"Your packaging was the best I have ever seen. Clearly you understand the importance of safe shipping. Thank you again. Is there a way to send positive feedback on Ruby Lane[?]. You were an A++++ seller in all regards."

--Dan from Canada

"A little note to let you know that the lamp has safely arrived. It is wonderful!! Your packing was superb!! I am thrilled to have the privilege of owning such a marvelous little lamp. Thank You!!"

--Sara from Louisiana

"The pitcher arrived in excellent condition today.  The packing was excellent and we are very pleased with our purchase.  We hope to do business with you again."

--Jerry from Virginia

"Your use of dunnage and skill in securing cargo would have earned you a top spot as Able Body Seaman on board my last vessel....Admittedly, I was very hard to please when it came to securing deck cargo. Thanks a bunch"

--Dave from Montana

"Thanks so much for the excellent packaging and fast mailing. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and I hope our paths may cross again one day."

--Robyn from Australia

"Thanks for a super professional packing job, I really appreciate it.  Thanks too for allowing me to put them on hold, you guys are the best!"

--Roseanne from an APO


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