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The History of Antique Lamps - Part 2 - Natural Gas

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Natural gas has provided fuel for centuries. Scholars consider it an ancient Chinese invention dating back to 300 A.D., when bamboo tubes carried gas to heat and illuminate crude dwellings. But it wasn't until the late 1800's that gas became a practical household staple across Europe and America.

The History and Evolution of Antique Lamps and Lighting - Part 1

Lamp and lighting history header

A brief series of articles examining the history and evolution of antique lamps and lighting devices, from primitive rushlights and whale oil, to modern electric table lamps. 

We usually take for granted the history and evolution of common household things, and lamps are no exception. From crude lard burning reservoirs designed with practicality in mind, to fantastically ornate electric lamps with beautiful art glass shades-- there is much to be appreciated in these popular and useful appliances. This short series of articles will attempt to trace the history and evolution of collectible lamps from their humble beginnings to modern times.

How to Build Photo Studio for Antiques and Merchandise

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A guide for setting up a professional quality photo studio for online stores, antiques and merchandise photography. Lightboxes, infinitive coves, lamps and backdrops.

A simple and inexpensive photo studio will neatly showcase your merchandise and lend a professional sheen to your online business. We use a portable "infinitive cove," or seamless back drop for large items, and a lightbox for smaller items.

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